Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) Men’s and Women’s Sexual Health

What is Sexual Dysfunction?

Sexual Dysfunction refers to a problem occurring during any phase of the sexual response cycle which can prevent the individual or couple from experiencing satisfaction from the sexual activity. The sexual response cycle includes excitement, plateau, orgasm, arousal and overall sexual desire.

What are the types of Sexual Dysfunction?

  • Desire disorders —lack of sexual desire or interest in sex
  • Arousal disorders —inability to become physically aroused or excited during sexual activity
  • Orgasm disorders —delay or absence of orgasm (climax)
  • Pain disorders — pain during intercourse

Female Sexual Dysfunction (FSD)

Female Sexual Dysfunction (FSD) involves persistent, recurrent problems with sexual response or desire. This condition can occur at any stage of life and may include more than one type of dysfunction, such as low sexual desire, sexual arousal disorder, sexual pain disorder, or orgasmic disorder. Current treatments for FSD include psychological, behavioral, and hormonal interventions, as well as psychoactive drug therapy. Palm Beach Platelet Rich Plasma Sexual Health Doctors tested PRP, Platelet Rich Plasma as an alternative therapy option that would offer a natural and safe therapeutic option for treating female sexual dysfunction. For centuries, women have suffered in silence with sexual dysfunction. There aren’t many products on the market that are designed to improve women’s sexual experience the injection that is a non-surgical procedure to treat sexual health and stimulate the vagina in a way that positively impacts orgasm. Palm Beach Platelet Rich Plasma Sexual Health Doctors and Clinics use PRP Treatments for Sexual Health as a safe and more natural way to improve you sex life.

Here’s how it works. Palm Beach Platelet Rich Plasma Specialists use the patients’ drawn blood to stimulate vaginal and clitoral rejuvenation. Platelets are extracted from the blood, creating Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP), are then placed in a syringe and injected into an area near the clitoris and an area just inside the vagina. Those platelets then stimulate the growth of new cells in the injected areas, making those areas more sensitive to the touch. Results have included; Increased Arousal, Restored Vaginal Tissue, More Stimulation, More Lubrication, Stronger Orgasms, and Relief of Incontinence.

Palm Beach Sexual Health Doctors use Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) Therapy as a technique to repair and regenerate damaged tissues. A small sample of blood is withdrawn from the patient. It is then spun in a centrifuge to separate the blood into layers. The Palm Beach Platelet Rich Plasma Specialist will carefully extract the Platelet Rich Plasma and then inject it back into the patient at the site needing repair. PRP provides a concentration of growth factors allowing the body to accelerate its natural healing and tissue regeneration process. The procedure is done in an outpatient setting. Local anesthetic cream is applied to the injection sites and then PRP is injected at those precise locations. These treatments rejuvenate the orgasmic system by stimulating stem cells found in the tissue. New blood vessels and sensory cells are formed and go to work to increase function and improve sensitivity.

The entire procedure takes less than 15 minutes and requires no downtime. Results are typically seen within a week, and many patients experience improvements like increased sensitivity, heightened arousal and improved function within three weeks.

Women who have struggled with decreased sensitivity, inability to orgasm, vaginal dryness, painful intercourse, and reduced sexual desire, regardless of age or stage in life, can also see vast improvements in:

  • Increased Arousal
  • Restored Vaginal Tissue
  • More Stimulation
  • More Lubrication
  • Stronger Orgasms
  • Relief of Incontinence

While these shots offer many benefits to patients of all ages with sexual dysfunction issues, it’s important to remember that there is no “magic bullet” cure. A healthy lifestyle, including healthy eating and routine physical activity, is necessary as part of your sexual health treatment program.

Men’s Erectile Dysfunction

Erection of the penis is a hemodynamic action. The surrounding tissue consists of smooth muscle, endothelial cells, fibroblasts, and nerves that interact in order to enhance and maintain an accessory blood supply causing erection. Given the need for the blood flow during this response, it is clear that vascular insufficiency can decrease erectile capability. In fact, vascular insufficiency may be a common pathology of Erectile Dysfunction. It is estimated that up to 80% of the cases of erectile dysfunction can be attributed at least in part to a reduced blood flow.

There are now pharmacological methods used to treat Erectile Dysfunction including the use of vasodilators. Such vasodilators include Viagra and Cialis. However, vasodilators induce only a temporary response and are not effective in many patients due to the underlying endothelial damage. These medicines can have serious side-effects including heart attack, stroke and may even cause death. Therefore, Palm Beach Erectile Dysfunction Doctors have discovered that treatments like Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) Procedures that address tissue defects and/or aspects of Erectile Dysfunction may provide a longer term therapy or even provide a permanent effect in comparison to other treatments.

In men, a decline in sexual function can greatly reduce the quality of life, decrease confidence, and lead to embarrassment. Men may notice reduced sensation or function due to aging, prostate cancer, an enlarged prostate, surgery, diabetes, or side effects from medications. For men who are experiencing this condition Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy has been life altering. There are many caused of Erectile Dysfunction but Erectile Dysfunction is significantly common in men who have diabetes, as diabetes damages nerves and blood vessels. Erectile Dysfunction can also be linked to other conditions common in men who have diabetes, such as high blood pressure and coronary artery disease. ED is three times more common in patients with diabetes mellitus. ED in diabetes strongly correlates with the level of glucose control, duration of disease and diabetic complications.

How is Erectile Dysfunction diagnosed?

A comprehensive medical history and a physical exam are needed before diagnosis and appropriate treatment can be determined.

What are the different approaches for treatment of ED?

For years the treatment has been either medical/drugs or surgical. Today the more natural, regenerative treatments are offered as a new approach. The body’s first response to soft tissue injury is to deliver platelet cells. Packed with growth and healing factors, platelets initiate repair and attract the critical assistance of stem cells. Stem cells from your own fat or bone marrow are naturally attracted to the Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) from your own blood and can be used to repair the problem. Rather than utilizing drugs like Viagra or Cialis, which are simply a temporary solution to this problem, PRP has been successful in treating the problem long term.

Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP)

PRP is an acronym for Platelet Rich Plasma. Plasma is essentially blood without the red blood cells. Platelets are cells found in the blood that are essential for clot formation and wound healing. PRP, the mix of concentrated platelets and serum, contains factors that promote repair of tissues. PRP is injected into the targeted area.

The Procedure:

Blood is drawn from the patient. Approximately 60 mls of blood is needed. Blood is centrifuged to achieve concentrated platelet rich plasma. The concentration is drawn into a small syringe. Numbing agents are used to desensitize the penis. Before the PRP is placed along the shaft and head of the penis, additional numbing agents, such as lidocaine, are used to further numb the area to better make for a painless procedure. A local Palm Beach PRP Sexual Health Specialist will inject into the shaft and the head of the penis using a short and very thin needle. The injections generally take about 5 minutes and the numbing agent generally lasts a few hours after the procedure is done.


Although every person reacts differently to different treatments some of the successful outcomes for male patients have been:

  • Increased sensation
  • Stronger erections


Results are usually visible in 2 to 4 weeks with improvement in erection and performance and can continue to improve gradually over the months. There will most likely be minimal swelling, bruising and redness for 12-24 hours after the procedure. Following the therapy There can also be some pinkness or redness of the skin. Treatment results vary and a few patients may require a PRP booster, however, in most patients the results last for several years. The results are affected by your lifestyle, habits and genetics. Smoking and weight fluctuations diminish the results. The success of using this as a treatment option has been supported by Palm Beach Sexual Health Doctors using this treatment and by patients receiving this treatment.

Palm Beach Florida Sexual Health Doctors can help patients to determine which type of procedure or combination of therapies is right for them. During your initial visit for Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy the Palm Beach Sexual Health Doctor will take the patient’s full medical history, lifestyle preferences, and treatment goals into account. Palm Beach Sexual Health Specialists have helped countless patients to improve their libido, romantic relationships and overall Sexual Health.

To learn more about obtaining a Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy treatment for Sexual Health, contact a Palm Beach Sexual Health Specialist today to schedule an appointment!